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I help you get started on your BIG goals and push past your quitting habits. 



There’s nothing more frustrating than the cycle of setting the same body goal over and over again and NEVER achieving it.

As someone who has had my own frustrations AND transformation, many times;o) I know that there’s nothing more discouraging than that cycle of setting the same body goal over and over again and feeling like you’re NEVER achieving it.

How do you know if this is that time you will achieve your goal and the last time around this mulberry bush? Have you asked yourself many times, "How did I get back here again?" Are you getting tired of setting the same resolution over and over again, only to disappoint yourself yet again? Part of it is accepting yourself as is, and that’s wonderful, but that doesn't mean giving up in making a change into who you really want to be.

Weight loss is as much about what you feed yourself physically as well as what you feed yourself emotionally and mentally. 

12 weeks does not a transformation make, it's what you do after the transformation that will make all the difference for you to KEEP GOING. The disappointment we feel in ourselves when we lose focus and fall off the wagon was not invented by us. Many others have suffered through those same feelings. What matters is how we recover from it.

“The past is there to remind us, not to relive it.” - Lupe Fiasco

The feeling of despair that we will never achieve the very thing that is MOST important to us because we know it impacts everything else in our lives.

Let me ask you a question….are you sick and tired of quitting on yourself?

OF COURSE YOU ARE! NO ONE likes to fail. When you quit on yourself it can become a slippery slope; you can begin to trust yourself less each time. If we’re not careful, we can trust ourselves less and less with each failed attempt. Faith in yourself grows & increases as you use it. Yes, failure can be inevitable, but forging ahead and keeping you on track is paramount. That’s where I come in. I’ve had 32 years of helping people through these sticky spots.

No-one likes to fail, (or keep failing) at the very thing you’re obsessed about achieving. It sucks! Life happens to all of us and we may get bogged down for a spell, but when we get our feet back under us, we are ready to begin again. You will begin again by being better. Just be better. It doesn’t have to happen in one day and it doesn’t have to only take place on the first of the year or on a Monday.

I teach you how to take baby steps now and trust yourself to make yourself better and healthier one choice at a time because you can! You are worth it and you deserve it. I’m here to remind you that you’re so much stronger than you think you are, you’ve just lost your way. Let’s stop messing around and get you back to being your very best! It can happen in a heartbeat and with a decision.

Did you know that the reasons you think you’re failing are not the ACTUAL reason you’re failing at this thing? 

Most people think they quit because they have no willpower or because the program they’re applying the wrong technology (the program that they’re on isn’t working for them) or that now is not the right time and it would be better to start later.

You can only fail is you stop trying.



Everywhere you look can be an excuse to quit. Often our favorite excuses are played on repeat in our minds.

Think about it, how many times have you told yourself the same thing…

“This program is no good…”,

“It’s not the right time…”,

“I don’t have time for this…”,

“I have no willpower…” . etc etc etc??

Probably too many times!

Excuses are just reasons stuffed with a lie and if we argue our limitations they’re ours.

The REAL reason you’re quitting on yourself is because you’re lacking 2 very critical things:

Rigorous Accountability & All In Support.

Trying to muscle our way through it alone is not the answer and if you’ve been tryng (unsuccessfully) to achieve your goals soloe, you need to ask yourself how different you think things would be if you had someone holding you accountable AND supporting you through every backslide and setback?

I’ve worked closely with people for over 32 years as a personal trainer so this isn’t my first rodeo, I see this up close and personal every single day and I know with 100% certainly that the difference would be like night and day.

So let’s talk about Rigorous Accountability & All In Support and why they make such a difference when it comes to achieving big goals.


In the dictionary, rigorous means extremely thorough, exhaustive, or accurate; Strictly applied or adhered to. By rigorous I mean RIGOROUS, as in zero half-assing.

“You cannot solve your problem from the same level of consciousness that created it.” -Albert Einstein 

Everything you’ve tried before will not apply here. There will be nowhere to hide as we set your goals together and the action tasks you’ll commit to every month, week and day.

If the plan we have set up is to have you report back to me every single day,


Your feet will be held to the fire and I will be holding you accountable.

This may seem extreme but interrupting the quitting pattern is not easy. When you continue to quit, there are grooves that become more deeply embedded into your brain called neuropathways. The grooves get drawn in deeper and so become more difficult to reverse. So if you’ve been quitting on yourself for a long time, your pattern needs to be interrupted so that you can first teach the language of success to your brain, and then with reinforcement, you will begin to draw those grooves deeper. The right ones.

“As long as you’re trying it’s working. The only way to fail is if you stop trying.” - Velmanator

That’s why you hear that it takes 21 days to break a bad habit. That repetition of what you want is what will give you that long term success that you’re looking for. That’s just one of the tricks of the trade. Language also matters. I’m committed to putting the time into your success day after day after day because that’s what it takes.

“You cannot reach for new horizons until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” - William Faulkner

This may seem intimidating at first, but isn’t this what you really want?

Someone to hold space for you so you don’t quit when the going gets tough?

Someone to come looking for you when you’re hiding because you’ve started to backslide?

Someone who is going to force you to break this habit once and for all so you NEVER have to deal with your quitting ass ever again?

Of course it is…because you know this is what it takes. I know this is what it takes. I’ve been doing this for 32 years.

 It takes what it takes. Do it until.

To break your quitting habit I take you through 3 separate phases:

There are 3 Phases

To break your quitting habit I take you through 3 separate phases.

phase one


Many Times We Are Applying The Wrong Technology Because Of The Myths We Believe.


MYTH 1: Eat Less Weigh Less


MYTH 2: What The Numbers On The Scale Actually Mean


MYTH 3: You Are Born With Your Metabolism And Stuck With It For The Rest Of Your Life


MYTH 4: Aerobic Exercise Burns Fat


MYTH 5: Carbohydrates Are The Enemy


phase two


• Learn A Method Of Goal Setting That Works


• Create A Game Plan Using Affirmations that WORK. Most People Are Using Affirmations ALL WRONG. Learn to Construct Affirmations That WORK.



phase three


• Learn How To Create Your “Show Up” Muscle


• The Difference Between Making A Commitment And A Goal


• Why A Morning Routine Is Critical To Your Success


• Why You Should Stop Making Excuses NOT To Meditate!


• Practice Gratitude



  • An initial intake session that encompasses phase 1
  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Daily support and accountability
  • Nutrition & Exercise designed especially for you and updated as needed.
  • Access to any of my resources that I feel will be beneficial to you.

About This Program

This type of work cannot be done via an online program or inside a group environment so it’s a conducted as a private coaching package where we work together very closely for the duration of the program.


Over 12 weeks you will be crystal clear about what you need to be doing each day to achieve your goals and form the habit of just DOING the actions you know you need to do.

You’ll be reporting to me each day and together we’ll be navigating anything that trips you up so you get back into your achieving sweetspot fast.

You’re going to feel 100% supported and guided and you’ll rely on the daily accountability to keep you on track.

You’re going to feel empowered and in control and above all PROUD of yourself for finally following through on the goals you’ve sent for yourself.


So….want to know more about this life changing program? 

SCHEDULE A TIME TO TALK NOW and let’s get you moving full steam ahead in the right direction.


Let's Get You Support

I'm here for you to ask questions about this program. Discovery calls are a great way to see if we're a perfect fit for working together. Don't be shy. This is NOT a coaching call.


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