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Hi. I'm Velma. AKA Velmanator.

I encourage and inspire entrepreneurs and executives to create PERMANENT RESULTS using ONLY LOW IMPACT EXERCISE with minimal time, space & equipment using digital, downloadable videos.


To help you, I've got 95 years of EXPERIENCE ALONE; in teaching Yoga, Cycling Classes, Personal Training and Nutrition

I'm also known as the Velmanator, YOUR PERMANENT RESULTS COACH, and here's a few ways to get to know me better..


If you're looking for inspiration, listen in to my interviews with inspiring local celebs, thought provokers, persuaders, elected officials, fitness entrepreneurs, up and comers; people from all walks of life.  Come be inspired!


My own creation, a uniquely choreographed low impact high demand exercise for the low maintenance high performing woman. This workout is a challenging, strength building workout, fat burning with no to low impact. 


I'm here to help you push past your quitting habit. Oftentimes it's the accountability piece that we're missing. From someone who has had 32 years experience of personal training alone, I'm prepared to help you through it all. 


This Is One Crazy Lady
(in a good way)

Velma Garnes has many avenues of knowledge, skills and abilities to help you reach your goals; 32 years experience in personal training alone and 3 degrees in Health and Wellness that spans across many spectrums;

  • an AAS in Sports and Exercise Studies,
  • a Master's Degree in Exercise Science,
  • and a BA in Health Administration.

Aside from this amazing pedigree in Wellness, Velma is fun, funny, passionate, humble, and a gregarious girl who often does not take herself seriously. But it's her job to take YOUR PERMANENT RESULTS seriously.


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